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A Message From Dollface Acutal:

A message from Dollface Actual:

Welcome to Dollface6. I am thrilled you decided to join me on this adventure. Please note that my page, and accompanying Dollface pages are still in development. I am a proud United States Marine Corps veteran, and former Female Engagement Team member having served in Afghanistan. It is an incredible honor to have served my country in this unique capacity; moreover, to have served with men and women with high caliber of character who I consider great friends.

While on FET, I understood the scale of what we were doing. I held a robust comprehension of the historic magnitude of dedicated female assets in war. It was an honor to be considered valuable for such a team. It was fun. It was thrilling; and it was a lot of other things too.

My guests will help me delve deeper into the many facets of war, as well as the underpinning emotions after years of reflection.

Dollface6 brings you its first series, The Dollhouse Institute: War Women A[n] Historic Record. You will meet the women who comprise the U.S. Marine Corps’ Lioness program, and subsequent Female Engagement Teams (FETs); the U.S. Army’s Cultural Support Teams (CSTs) who supported U.S. Special Operations Forces, and their sister unit the Afghan Female Tactical Platoon (AFTP).

The Dollhouse Institute is a historical research project with ongoing investigation surveying these women in effort to reveal the history and evolution of female engagement teams. We discuss inception, training, criteria for participation, interest, recruiting, selection, operational activity, utility, and effectiveness in the War on Terror.

Under the arc of Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations theory, and Frances Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man, I investigate whether there is a consensus from this particular sample as to whether either, neither, or both of these theories prove to be correct.

Are we beholding a Clash of Civilizations? Is it possible that there could be an End of History?

The Dollhouse Institute will seek to answer these questions through the lens of post 9/11 war women and their counterparts. We will discuss conventional versus unconventional warfare, counterinsurgency versus direct action combat, and much more.

The War on Terror, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, —what happened? And, what is happening now?

Did we win? Or perhaps, like myself, after I watched the Fall of Kabul on TV in August 2021, the question became: did we lose? Let’s say I have a theory.

I understood the magnitude of female engagement teams in real time while I was FET. Over ten years later, as a[n] historian, it is time to capture the oral histories of women who made history.

I have been working on Dollface for years now. I look forward to sharing my work with you. Later, I will reveal the story behind how Dollface became my call sign, and how Dollface captures the essence of this project and the mission of female engagement teams.

The Dollhouse Institute is an ongoing historical research project capturing oral histories from Lionesses, FETs, CSTs, and AFTPs. Dollface6 has other series in development with guests you wouldn’t believe.

I have uncovered so much already after filming my first few episodes.

I am a[n] historian on investigation. I speak to fellow historians, industry experts, and the people who were there.

Dollface6 is a destination for explorers, adventurers, treasure seekers, and g*n fighters.

Which are you?

I hope you’ll consider joining me on an adventure. You won’t believe what, and who, are coming.

Standby for the next episode drops, they’re coming sooner than you think.

Join the investigation:

YouTube: @dollface6

I’m independent and have much more in store for you. Contribute to historic record using the Monetary Contribution form.

Pax Hominibus Bonae Voluntatis


Dollface Actual

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